Friday, March 21, 2014

Who are these people?

So I should start out by letting you know who we are and how this all started. In 2006 Char happened into a bead store and came out signed up for a class in chainmaille. After a few classes she took a glass bead making class and at home started playing with the beads and weaving the sterling silver chainmaille into the designs. It was painstaking at first and she asked John his opinion on each design. Shortly after starting Char had given away so many pieces she wanted to sell a few to recoup her silver money and make more. That's when she found Etsy, the online market place where created her first shop in 2007 and opened Forgeron in 2011. Char worked full time as a high school librarian and with the success of Forgeron was able to retire and devote all of her attention to her businesses in August 2012. All this time John was a building contractor running his own business for years and joined Char full time in January 2014, after retiring from his business. We sold our home and relocated in Sisters Oregon. John now helps run Forgeron Tools and Jewelry Supplies and has taken over all of the shipping. Char lovingly refers to him as THE Forgeron "Ship Head". LIFE is good!


"Ok Char" I say to myself do you really want to start a Blog? NO! is my honest answer. I know how much time it takes to post on a regular basis and with the time restraints of our businesses that seems like the last thing I need to spend time on. So let me explain myself. What I really want to do is have a way to reach our Forgeron customers with the answers to their frequently asked do you solder? Is copper solder really copper color?...Can I dip my wire wrapped stones in Liver of Sulfur without turning the stone black? Just an example of some of the questions I tend to answer over and over again. Since Etsy does not provide a blog format for us to use with our Etsy business, where I could house this information, I thought this might be the best way short of writing tutorials or creating YouTube videos. Don't get me wrong, I have based my business on trying to help those that are starting out and need help. I remember being there myself with no one to ask all too well. I just want to find an easier way for them and me to get the information they need. My worry is making it interesting so that I do not bore the daylights out of you :)So if you have any ideas of information you would like to see...just let me know!