Friday, March 21, 2014


"Ok Char" I say to myself do you really want to start a Blog? NO! is my honest answer. I know how much time it takes to post on a regular basis and with the time restraints of our businesses that seems like the last thing I need to spend time on. So let me explain myself. What I really want to do is have a way to reach our Forgeron customers with the answers to their frequently asked do you solder? Is copper solder really copper color?...Can I dip my wire wrapped stones in Liver of Sulfur without turning the stone black? Just an example of some of the questions I tend to answer over and over again. Since Etsy does not provide a blog format for us to use with our Etsy business, where I could house this information, I thought this might be the best way short of writing tutorials or creating YouTube videos. Don't get me wrong, I have based my business on trying to help those that are starting out and need help. I remember being there myself with no one to ask all too well. I just want to find an easier way for them and me to get the information they need. My worry is making it interesting so that I do not bore the daylights out of you :)So if you have any ideas of information you would like to see...just let me know!

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